More on building a house in Roatan, Honduras.

As with every project, there are always some things that require modification and alteration during the construction.  This is where the scheduling and coordination of all the various contractors becomes so important.  In the case of the Mc Donald project, there was a one foot discrepancy between the site survey and the elevations at the southeast corner of the footprint.  Only one foot but very important for the location of footings, stair rises, and window locations.  This detail was caught early in the construction process and my on site Project Manager worked with the general contractor to make the necessary adjustments without incurring excessive rebuild or change orders and subsequent costs.

Another challenge was encountered when the client’s desire for an extra bathroom next to the pool deck changed during the construction process. This mandated architectural changes in the footprint and, I admit, an improvement in the roof line. But a seemingly small change in footprint required extensive modification of the hip roof structure and roof overhang supports. That’s when I appreciated the flexibility of my Project Manager and the contractors.  They responded to make the needed changes, assured that the structural requirements were met and incurred no additional costs for the change order.


About anagallo

International Architect, Ana D. Gallo was born in El Salvador and did her professional education at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville
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